We are an Internet of Things enabler in Zürich, Switzerland. We have worked on the Internet of Things since before the term had even been coined. We have built an embedded hard real-time Java operating system for the IoT, a power-plant monitoring system for predictive maintenance over the Internet, a system for fine-tuning hearing aids over the Internet, and the leading implementation of Apple’s HomeKit Accessory Protocol to support security and privacy in home automation. As our own product, we have developed a highly optimized cryptography library from scratch, for popular microcontrollers and with a special focus on mitigating side-channel attacks.

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We are a spinoff of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich), although not a startup anymore – we had our 25th anniversary last year. Our board of directors includes the creator of the programming language Pascal and Turing award winner, Prof. Niklaus Wirth, as an honorary member.

As an Internet of Things incubator, we have spun off the companies Esmertec in 1999 (now Myriad Group) and Yaler in 2011.